Academic Support

Success in your chosen programme of study is the primary goal of tertiary education. The goals you have set for yourself and the commitment you have made to your tertiary study indicate that you wish to succeed in your first year of study. City College staff will support you as you work to achieve your goals and realise your academic potential.

Students new to tertiary study are often surprised by the jump in level of teaching and learning. There are a wide range of services available to help residents at City College to adjust to this level of study.

This year we have started one-on-one academic and career counseling between our senior students (RA's) and new residents in the college. Each RA is trained to ask the students about their chosen course, patterns of study and academic progress. They can encourage students to make positive changes to their learning and support them in seeking help from appropriate services within City College and the University of Otago. We feel this has been a great success for the students and has contributed to the academic success and overall wellbeing of our residents.


Regular tutorials are organised where there are sufficient numbers of residents enrolled on the same paper. Extra tutorials are often offered in the run up to examinations or tests.

This year, we are lucky to have a number of senior and post-graduate students taking tutorials in the following subjects;

HUBS191 & 192, CELS191, BIOC192, CHEM191, PHSI191, PUBH192, PSYC111, BSNS111, BSNS113, Occupational Therapy and Nursing. Tutorials are held at City College in specialist teaching rooms.

Where tutorial support is requested without sufficient numbers, alternative arrangements will be made, for example by arranging for a resident to attend a tutorial at another nearby college.

Tutorials are also provided on aspects of study skills such as essay writing and tertiary examination technique.

Study Rooms & Study Groups

City College has a number of study spaces including specialist tutorial rooms, library, computer room which residents are encouraged to use for group or individual study.

City College has a small number of computers, networked to the University of Otago’s LAN, and a printer available to residents.

Residents are encouraged to create study groups and City College can assist as required.

Internet Connectivity

Wi-Fi is available throughout City College. The Wi-Fi access at City College is provided by the University of Otago for residents enrolled at both the University and the Polytechnic. The University attempts to maintain a high level of service, however occasional disruptions to service may occur.

Wireless access is available in bedrooms but connectivity cannot be guaranteed in every bedroom.

The University internet policy can be found at:


The City College library is well-stocked with a selection of books and magazines both academic and general interest as well as a large DVD collection. The library issue system works on trust with the expectation that residents will return borrowed items.

The library is also a popular study area for residents and is available for use by City College residents only.

Advice and guidance

Staff at City College will provide advice and guidance on academic issues. Where necessary staff will work with the faculties and support services at the institutions to access the appropriate support for residents.

As a condition of residence, City College requires residents to authorise the University and Polytechnic to supply the Head of College with academic grades for the time they are in residence. This enables the College to more adequately assist residents with their academic programme and tutorial service.